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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"


Wow I love that, I actually prefre this to plants vs zombies and I love how you can speed up you're imagination points, pretty good game ;)

Great, but could be better

Plants vs. Zombies is a great game. This is an excellent tribute to that game, but there are a few problems I have with it.

1) I think this is actually a bug. At the preloader screen, where you can click on bats and goblins to win coins, the coins are not added to your money in the game.

2) Books don't generate fantasy fast enough. As a result, I'm often crippled long before I can set up even the most basic forces. Even clicking the books to generate fantasy faster isn't enough. I think that books should make fantasy a bit faster than they are now. At least two seconds faster would make up for the time lost in the animation.

3) Those skeletons. I hate those things. I get three popping up at a time, almost always stealing my books. I feel there should be no more than two skeletons per game, maybe three, and NEVER all at once.

Please review these and fix them and this game will be that much better.


great game very nice i loved it it was very fun but im going to give it a 8/10
becouse i think it is a rip off of plants vs. zombies

i dont like it so much...

but doesn mean its bad .its just not my style

We had to play this for some college lab, it's decent and fun, quite hard on the index finger though due to the spam-clicking, but a fairly good reskin of PvZ (: