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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Fun but...

Pretty entertaining but I agree with the other guy that said the book clicking to regen faster is a bit irritating.

On top of that the random skeleton guy that just demolishes my units at random is highly highly annoying. You waste points getting expensive units to have them randomly destroyed thru no fault of your own (crappy placement, low hp, etc).

Other than that pretty nice game. great job :)

Xplored responds:

If you're hurt by skeletons...iot means they are doing their dirty job :D
BTW, just read my reply to 161425 below, points 3) and 4).

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love PvZ...

And so do you. :^D
Not much I can say that everyone else hasn't, so I'll be super brief:
Love the game, but endless clicking to speed up fantasy was a bad idea.

Good, but...

Well, not much to say. Nice story, clearly a tribute to PvZ, but to much of an identical game... You should have dug the concept farther and try some totally new stuff.

what about defending from more than one side? Idk i,m a bit tired to get some cool stuff out of my head now, but you could have made better i term of gameplay.

This game is nice, nevertheless...

Ppl are harsh with game maker, but it's because there is so many nice free game out there. Always try to make your simplest game awsome.

Xplored responds:

We know how people is in evaluating games...and we're used to collect fans and supporters as well as funny insults :D
That's the market we decided to work in.
It's funny!

Not bad

Really, i enjoyed playing it. It does remind me a lot of plants v. zombies, but that was an alright game too. The only problem i have with it is it feels perhaps mildly repetitive. Other than that I enjoyed it.

great game