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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Awesome re-imagining

i loved PVZ (plants versus zombies for the people who don't know) and i think this is a brilliant re-imagining of the game, nice one!

My Official Review

General Review :

I very nice game overall but I hate the hardness also a very good try wanting to tribute to I classic that is Plants vs. Zombies but your not yet there yet sadly maybe this post can help you if you make a other version.


- Hardness in the last level.

- Only one save.

- "Ok" graphics

- Little toys

- Little nightmares


- Less hardness.

- More saves.

- Better graphics.

- More awsome toys.

- More Badass nightmares.

Last words:

Aside from that its a very nice game. I can play it endlessly. Just pure genius concept. A very honorable tribute to Plants vs. Zombies. Hope there's a second .
If I can promote this I will.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is coming soon. Are you planning to make TvN2 ( Toys vs. Nightmares 2) If yes ill be buy PvZ 2 and playing your game at the same time !

Good Game!

This was definatly a very nice game. I would not call it great, per say, but it was not bad. There were a few problems I had with it, such as giving me the catapult AFTER the first round with Vlad, but only minor complaints. The only major thing that is wrong is that sometimes, where there is too much going on, the game becomes unresponsive. Sometimes it just ignores my clicks for no reason. Now, to all those poeple saying this is a direct ripoff of PvZ. It is not. PvZ created a new genre of games. This is like how people say Terraria is just 2D Minecraft. Why is it a ripoff? because it has freebuilding? In that case, Minecraft is a ripoff of Infiniminer. This is a different game, because it includes new mechanics, like clicking the book, and also proceeds at a much faster pace. Many people complain this is too hard, if it is, and you are not having fun, stop playing. It was not too bad for me.

TL;DR version: Good game, small flaws, not a ripoff of PvZ, and keep up the good work.

Pretty good

Some things are annoying such as skeletons seemingly instantly going after your books. Other than that it is very interesting game pretty fun. Hot keys would be useful. But all in all it is a very fun and enjoyable game that you can employ multiple strategies with. I enjoyed playing it. As for the knockoff comments the way I see it is if Newgrounds doesn't delete it, it must be original enough.

I need help with the secret medals, message me please.