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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"


Great game, but...WHERE ARE MY MEDALS?!

I SHOULD have recieved 9 medals, but I didn't get any notification I unlocked them, their icons weren't unlocked, and they didn't show up on my profile! Please fix this.

P.S. If u need to know what medals I earned, they are (in order): Toy Warfare 101, First Time Customer, An Image Is Worth 1000 Words, More Toys, Not So Fast, Living Life In The Fast Lane, Reinforcements Are Here, The Taller They Are and Cut The Red Wire

Xplored responds:

sorry for your medals :(
They should work properly as for our testing and NG confirmation.
We sincerly do not know where the problem is.

Great concept

Theres alot of imagination in this TD game. i Really like it


Fun game, reminds me a lot of Plants vs Zombies, a game I very much enjoy myself. The gameplay is easy and I like being able to speed up the process of getting my power 'fantasy' to get new items. Did not get to play as much as I would have liked to, but I definitely will come back to it later. :)

Xplored responds:

Come back..
Nightmares are waiting for you in the wardrobe....


I really enjoyed this. Yes, obviously inspired by PvZ. It would have been nice if you added something extra, to really distinguish this game from something thats already out... But I didn't really see that.

However, I really loved the whole imagination concept. I thought it was really quite nifty. The gameplay, animation, functionality is all great, good work :)

I'm giving a 9 because I experienced a very minor bug in the game which was solved by just refreshing the browser.

Anyway, thanks for this. I'm still playing nightmare mode.

Take that, nightmares!

This is a very cool game because it's something that nearly everyone can associate themselves with. Even if we're adults, we can still have night worries. It is the time where we seem most vulnerable to everything. Hopefully, I will get a better sleep tonight than I did last night too. The music is very well done and gives off a very good sense of anticipation and fear. We have to use our childhood dreams to fight our childhood fears!

The graphics in this are incredibly well done. I like how just every part of these monsters seems to be sticking out everywhere. The body parts are so well exaggerated as they just walk and even worry. I don't think I was ever scared of monsters in the closet. I think it was more I was glad that I would go crazy and hallucinate those things.