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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

clicking over and over with out effect

on linux I have to click and click and it randomly seem to take effect. it's a real pain

Xplored responds:

sorry for that.

p vs. z replica

but... i love plants verses zombies alot

Xplored responds:

We too :D

I like it more than PvZ

This game makes, first of all, sense!! The concept of making the kid fend off his nightmarish fears with the use of his imagination is a great touch.

The "tower"-units available are creative and require some degree of tactics. However, I find that being able to speed up the book recharge (although a nice way to make players "grind" when the enemy is too close) makes it too easy to build an army: I started off making another book, flipping pages of both books and then build many units while constantly flipping pages on both books. I could've had the chance to place another book if I wanted to, but this method was good enough.

Anyway, this is a pretty addictive game and the artwork/animations are great! The story is fitting and the general concept (although unoriginal in the basics) is still fresh.

Thank you for making this great game.

Xplored responds:

Thank you for appreciating our work.
It's always a pleasure to read comments like your :-)

I don't know bout you, but I thought it was great!

I understand it is basically a cop-out of Plants Vs. Zombies. But I think that's the point, to make a PVZ-like game but with a different setting, different items, difference way of production, different EVERYTHING! The only thing I see that's the same about the two is the layout. But there are so many differences you guys are missing about the game it's crazy! I especially loved how you could speed up the produce of building by flipping the pages on the storybooks faster. Oh, look! There's one difference between the two games already!! I say, screw what these trolls are saying! This game is great and very addicting. you did a great job with the animations and music and EVERYTHING! Just because it's like PVZ, doesn't mean it isn't awesome, and I give credit where it's due! Nicely done! =D

this message cam befoe i started it seems scary i like it