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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

this are games we need

a parody of plants vs zombie my all time favorite and thats why im giving a good review

-poker face-


i like the toys in this game. it is an awesome game.

what are the secret for?

Before anyone else says the obvious: OMFG PvZ

The author himself says he was inspired by the game. Personally i find the game to be very interesting, I'll admit there's a lot going on in the screen and its a bit much to keep up with! But overall i find the story behind it pretty creative and the game itself is well made! Good job!

Xplored responds:

Thank you :)

this is a great game !

its very addicting but there are a few things that bug me a bit i dont wanna sound like a douche but i think it would be best to or increase the fantasy u get each time and b e able to move the toys and not trash them because u dot get refunds or the toy prices should be lower because on later levels u dont get to finish your defense line because the monster wave is already there... it would be great if you could change that speaking about the rest of the game its a wonderful idea and a very good game and its a clear tribute to pvsz as you wrote in the description im not saying this game should be more like pvsz b ecause of the ideas i just said but i thoink the game would get better

Very cute little and very much enjoyable game!
10/10 would play again! :)