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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Great Gameplay Experience

This has everything, perfectly captured my attention from the intro and it did very well to immerse me in the game.

If I could give you any feedback to improvements I'd like to see in the game, I would give it but I just can't think of anything so well done and can't wait to see more stuff from xplored this was awesome.

Just simply Imaginative.

Great game. I love defense games, and this is def on the top of the list. Music is awesome, the idea and concept fits perfectly. Do more please!
p.s. I kinda got a "Never Ending Story" feel about this game...hmmm :)

Xplored responds:

Yes, hopefully we'll do sequels.
We loved the idea and we like the final results.
But players always decide the success of a game... we still have to wait your final response and rating in a few days...

So good

It is similar to PvZ only by the concept.It has very original ideas is fun to play not too long and is like a sequel to PvZ.Love both 10/10 5/5

great game

it is a good game, also to all those people bitching about this being similar to PvZ are idiots. Plants versus zombies is the game that popularized this genera and wasn't the first of its kind. So this is probably inspired by it and it has a slightly different system. So all you people complaining why don't you go running back to wherever you came from and shut the hell up.

Xplored responds:

We need you on the developers arena bleaches dressing our Xplored T-shirt!
Thumb up for you.

Excellent work.

Fun and challenging. I enjoyed it.