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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

here u go chelyn28

plants vs. zombies is a game where plants fight zombies similer to this 1

all u need is a vclick

sorry,my English is poor
the game is cool.but after click n' click ,you will know all you need is a click tool.cause the game speed is too fast.even you fight nightmare mode
(after defeat the game once)the vclick is still too slow ti fight these nightmare.
you need the illustrator book ,smart alien ,catapult.the elite soldier is expensive with useless cause the skeleton will steal it n' goblin touch it once, it is dead ,.
there are many point you can make it better.maybe you may add HP how much damage or others....most toys are useless in the game><"

It still needs some tweaking...

...but your heart is in the right place. ^_^

The animations are good, the controls are tight and responsive and the overall theme is clever. It's a refreshing twist on the original Popcap title.

However, there are a couple of wrinkles that need to be ironed out, mainly involving the later levels.

One problem is the assumption that players will continuously click the books available to them to quickly build up their supply of 'Fantasy'. Not only is this extra wear and tear on the player's mouse, but it can all too quickly become a 'guns and butter' situation - should the player add another book for more 'Fantasy' later on or another toy that will keep the approaching 'Nightmares' at bay?

This gets especially aggravating at Level 12 on up - I was able to pass level 12 by using 'cheap' toys as part of my strategy but on Level 13, I am *still* being overwhelmed by nightmares (mainly due to the game's overuse of skeletons) and I have tried a *LOT* of different toy combinations (including the picture book which *does not* produce 'Fantasy' while it's attacking, making it useless).

Again, your heart is in the right place, Xplored, but I cannot give this game a high score in its current state. If you were to do some further testing and add a [Restart Level] button to the game's pause screen, you could turn this flawed diamond into an enjoyable challenge.

Thank you for posting this, in any event. ^_^

Very satisfying

Good tower defense gameplay, nice animations (especially that of the kid cowering under the blanket), and great visuals and soundtrack. What more can you ask for in a flash game? Well, upgrading the towers could have been a nice feature.


An interesting take on one of Popcap's game Plant's vs Zombies.