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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Great game!

I just wonder whether Flash was the right outlet for it. It lags a lot, and that was on mid quality, and only the 4th level.

Other than that little detrimental piece, it's a fantastic game with great medals and an excellent concept. As a Plants vs Zombies reimagining, it's a little more believable than the original. Great job.

Great Gameplay Experience

This has everything, perfectly captured my attention from the intro and it did very well to immerse me in the game.

If I could give you any feedback to improvements I'd like to see in the game, I would give it but I just can't think of anything so well done and can't wait to see more stuff from xplored this was awesome.

Great game!

Great cartoon graphics, great gameplay, GREAT GAME!

wow, really fun

This game is so much fun! It starts with a nice introduction, and then it picks up the pace introducing loads and loads of new toys and enemies.

I love the graphical style, and when you think you have finished the game, you unlock Nightmare mode!

The toys\monsters descriptions in the pre level pages are hilarious.
Also, there are a lot of medals!

Fantastic game!


YEAH! The first review! Ok guys, i'm your fan. I love any games that you produced... and this i think.... it's the most spettacular!
I 've loved Plants vs Zombie, and this is a beautiful remake... VERY GOOD JOB! Funny, nice graphics, a brillant gameplay!... I love it! =)))))