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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Like the game, but would like some additions

Challenging and fun. However, I have a few suggestions. For example, the ability to replay some levels. Playing as the nightmares perhaps. Some special abilities? A menu button to click during gameplay. A way to speed up or slow down the pace, ect. I hope this is a helpful review.

Xplored responds:

Yes, we take note for future developments. Thanks.

Well done clone.

A very nice Clone from "Plants vs. Zombies" .
I really like the Story and the graphics.
But the Increased Fantasy production by clicking on the Books make this game a bit too easy.

Well done.


Xplored responds:


it remainds...

Remains me a game... I don't know maybe it's just s deja-vu :D jejeje...

Seriously Great Job ;)

Creo que lo que si le faltó es que las criaturas se degradaran para ver el progreso de los ataques. Aún no termino de jugar pero también hay que trabajar XD así que seguiré jugando en el día :P

PD: sorry for the spanglish.

Xplored responds:

El degrado progresivo de la criatura es una buena idèa que vamos a tener en consideraciòn para el sequel.
Gracias por tu 10!

PD: escuchame por mi ...Itagnolo :D


Fun game, reminds me a lot of Plants vs Zombies, a game I very much enjoy myself. The gameplay is easy and I like being able to speed up the process of getting my power 'fantasy' to get new items. Did not get to play as much as I would have liked to, but I definitely will come back to it later. :)

Xplored responds:

Come back..
Nightmares are waiting for you in the wardrobe....


why does this seem so similar to plants vs zombies?

Xplored responds:

the reason is written above :D