Reviews for "Nap"


the fabled dream that every aartist has ....cool

except mine didnt come with killer sheep it came with killer mushrooms but to each his own .....


dont worry about trolls dude if youve been on newgrounds as long as you say you have then you should know 2 things

1.they attack everything and everyone which is why theres no 5.00 video and there never will be :(

and 2. you should know that posting a flash comes with this sort of schtick if you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen ..as the rock says

Spillkaidah responds:

thanks for the review. and yea, i'm not too bothered. scores schmores

Love it!

Love everything about it!
Seriously..... Wow.


that was amazing


I came here every single day after this animation hit frontpage to give it a 5, It was so unfair that it was zero bombed, I can't even believe that people actually do this.
Anyway, this is a beautiful piece of animation, your skills are amazing, I wish that one day I can be as good as you.
Overall it was very fluid, smooth, everything was amazingly well done, the coloring, the movment, the pacing, the style. I'm guessing that animating this was painful as hell. And, errm, I don't usually do reviews because I never know what to say.
Good luck with your future projects.

Spillkaidah responds:

Wow, man. Revisits to five it?!? thank you so much! these vibes are a little too positive for me to handle i think :) and yea, it took some cajoling for me to finally finish it. (the trick was giving my father my word that i would)


Now that was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean the animation could have improved, but the storyline was just awesome!!!!!!!!!