Reviews for "Nap"

Awesome, want more.

This is very well done, and i really really hope that this can be turned into a series. For some reason i just feel that it could without a doubt become one, and has all the stuff for it. Can't wait for more!

Spillkaidah responds:

to be entirely honest, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. So if/when i do (cuz i'm already getting ideas :O... ) i will give you some credit. i could develop the parallel consciousness thing i mentioned somewhere below \/

this was a very useful review.


Deng This is fucking sick. I give you some rep mark. Also did you rotoscope for the beginning?

-MSM member :p

Spillkaidah responds:

HOW DID U FIND ME? :P thanks though. and no there's no rotoscoping.

Great flash, bro.

I dug the black sheep's flying.

Spillkaidah responds:

well since he's a black sheep, it was actually a really high jump.


I came here every single day after this animation hit frontpage to give it a 5, It was so unfair that it was zero bombed, I can't even believe that people actually do this.
Anyway, this is a beautiful piece of animation, your skills are amazing, I wish that one day I can be as good as you.
Overall it was very fluid, smooth, everything was amazingly well done, the coloring, the movment, the pacing, the style. I'm guessing that animating this was painful as hell. And, errm, I don't usually do reviews because I never know what to say.
Good luck with your future projects.

Spillkaidah responds:

Wow, man. Revisits to five it?!? thank you so much! these vibes are a little too positive for me to handle i think :) and yea, it took some cajoling for me to finally finish it. (the trick was giving my father my word that i would)


at the end of this flash, i clapped and said hurrah. beautifully executed, KEEP UP THE FLASH WORK.