Reviews for "Nap"


Now that was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean the animation could have improved, but the storyline was just awesome!!!!!!!!!


Yep, pretty cool. Yay evil sheep flock!

Liked the bizarre dream world, but a bit more detail to the real world might have helped separate it from the dream world a little more. Probably your preferred drawing style though, so it's nothing major.

Spillkaidah responds:

thanks. this was a fair, sensible review.

Just, wow!

This is so amazing man, I love how the art was rendered and the music, it was really deep and it got me thinking. I showed it to my brother Rickey, who's deep, sort of a flower child, he's into the cosmos, and astrology, all of that, I am too but he's much more, he truly loved this, he understood, he was telling me he's been there before, he truly was amazed by it. My dad as well loved it. Dude, this was true art, not just a flash of sorts, it was true art, I understood it man, I... It just has me speechless. The symbolisms and metaphors had me just awestruck, I didn't even blink. If you ever make more, ever, keep the artwork the same, you should make more about different areas of life, maybe death, or like death-like experience. I don't know man, but I favorited this and you, I'm sure you'll make more amazing things. AMAZING JOB! ROCK ON MAN!!!

Spillkaidah responds:

wow, much appreciated comments man, thanks a bunch! it's good to hear it has a voice on that level-- it was after all created for my final portfolio, i took it very seriously.

Really Cool

Cool video and I like the idea

very imaginitive

i like how well you used your imagination to make this