Reviews for "Nap"

Evil sheeps!

Nice video, but the evil sheeps were cute.

excellent animation

You have a natural talent for story telling my friend. I love the simple character design and your frame by frame is great!! Keep creating and we'll keep watching :)


Spillkaidah responds:

well as everyone should practice, i did have some help on the story. Thanks for the review.

This was great, man!

The animations were fantastic, the music was a nice fit, and it was all-around a great piece of work. Loved it, man!

Excellent indeed!

I love the originality and whimsy of the whole thing. It's fun, and it showcases your sense of perspective which is far beyond my own, and the animation and music suit each other stylistically so very well. It's really good to see something like this actually get recognition on Newgrounds, I'm surprised (and disappointed) that it didn't get a daily award as well.

Spillkaidah responds:

thanks! and boy would i have loved that :o

oh my

this is absolutely wonderful, love the style, 10/10, one of my favourite flash submissions on here, great job man, outstanding