Reviews for "Nap"


where did u get that idea from? it was insane!

Spillkaidah responds:

well, considering your username... you should know ;D

Right on.

I'm glad dreams don't have to make sense. It's about the only thing in this world that doesn't.

Phantasmagorical man. Lovely animation style. It started in Squigglevision and moved into a few different styles. Seems like you were playing with it. The music was what really caught my attention. Not to mention that they flowed together. Always makes me wonder which came first, the music or the animation? Looks like you have a lot of talent. Hope to see more music and animation.

Spillkaidah responds:

the music came first. and on a fateful midsummer night, i had a blast of visuals that i couldn't let disappear. i still have the first hasty sketch of Nap on an envelope :P if you enjoyed the music, check out my song "The Poison Thought"... personally i enjoy it more than this soundtrack.

Thanks for the review :)


Why can't I have a dream that awesome? I mean, if that's how all of them were, who would need TV? Just sleep and BAM! Awesome dream.

Spillkaidah responds:

The real question is why can't we remember them... we dream every night. we just forget them.


Great concept, great story, great characters, great frame by frame, great design and effects useage (such as the subtle wave of green that passes through the body has he's thrown into the chair and woken up).

But really this just captured a real essence. It had a simplicity and fun adventurous feel that makes you feel like it should be a movie, and you'd watch it! Very entertaining, and to top it all off the original music was very fitting :) I'd like to see something like this again, you'll certainly see a review from me. Cheers.


Spillkaidah responds:

yea, i will probably be creating something in the next few months or so. this has been to much encouragement to ignore.