Reviews for "Nap"

Beautiful, Just beautiful...( and funny )

One of the best anamations i ever seen!! Amazing!

love it

i love your dedication and the video sometimes i dont realy like confusing stuff but this was great the art work was great and the music was great and 2 anyone who doesnt think that is just jelous good job :D

Damn cool!

You've got a great piece here, and obviously some serious talent. I look forward to more! Keep up the good work, man.


This is the start of something great, hope to see more animations in the future from you.

Spillkaidah responds:

i've got a couple brewin' :)


I have to tell you, honestly, that this has been one of the most awsome flashes ever. My reaction when I saw the mummy shepherd was like: 'W-what is that? Some kind of priest with a severly injured face?' You proved me wrong my friend. The way the black sheep was there, it seemed quite weird to me. I really would be said: "YO, Black Sheep! Get yo butt over here and help me escape these friggin' zombie sheep!" Totally. 10/10 due to your insanity and artwork. (It was ok, not the best art I've seen, but pretty friggin awsome.)

Spillkaidah responds:

thanks so much, glad you got a reaction out of it. and yea, despite the reception, i know for myself i could have embellished the looks of it. like the sheep flocks and stuff. though, to defend myself, i should point out i waited til the last three days of school to finish about half of it. In my upcoming animation, i will devote full attention to detail.