Reviews for "Nap"


i rarely get to see godly animation such as this. bravo

Spillkaidah responds:

i assure you, i do not deserve that categorization. nonetheless, thank you!


It's short, simple, and sweet. Just like any good dream during a nap should be.


The animation is great. The darkness of the beginning contrasts wonderfully with the bright vibrancy of the dream world. The squiggly lines and lighting effect are nice. The transition of the light pouring out of its shape as a transition out of reality is good. The protagonist, antagonist, sheep, and ram are all well drawn and slightly surreal.

The music is good. It fits the general theme of the animation and the action in the animation matches well with the music.

The plot is good. It takes place in a bright dream world contrasted with the darkness of the reality outside of it. The antagonist is an interesting character. What is known is that he wants to stop the protagonist and he uses his uncountable sheep army to try to do so.

This flash is short, but interesting, upbeat, and exciting to warrant attention.

Spillkaidah responds:

Thank you for the review! I'm really grateful for your acknowledgement. And yea, the intention of that contrast was to mark the threshold of how "with-it" we are as we approach sleep. Its kinda like we pop into something that's far more real than our drowsy, half-eyed state. anyways, 'glad you liked it!


I found the beginning extremely compelling, even though the art was not sophisticated. Almost entrancing. So I was a little surprised by the initial transition, but once it was under way I loved every second of it...

Great concept, great twists, great ending - although I would have liked to see more. I could have used more plot in there, within the dreamworld. I felt like we had only just seen the dreamworld when we were jolted back out of it, although perhaps that was the intention.

Aside from that, I liked the music but would have preferred a less "pixelated" sound. In other words I liked the composition but not the instrumentation. But that is mostly personal taste. 9 out of 10. Excellent.

Spillkaidah responds:

Hi, thanks for the response! I would have liked to do more with it as well. However, i was working within the 2 minute parameter of the song... so i was forced to discover how little time that is to actually develop a storyline. There was going to be a whole yin-yang parallel consciousness thing with the shepherd.

And yea, as far as the audio goes, i'm a sucker for 8bit :3


so..., that is what happens when we take a nap..., it explains many things...