Reviews for "Nap"


... I like this, I like this a lot. It's a bit rough around the edges and uses a few too many shortcuts here and there, but it's wildly imaginative and interesting, with a good soundtrack to boot. Allow me to detail my analysis:

- Graphically that was, on average, very good. I like the pseudo-rotoscoping style that pervades the whole animation, not to mention the actual rotocosping in the beginning, and the animation is refreshingly fluid for the most part. I mean, when you're focusing on the main character(s), their movement is very smooth and looks great.

However, not all is perfect, as it's quite evident that it wasn't as fun to animate the sheep themselves, some of the background movement that they have clearly lack the attention to detail and polish that you dedicated to everything else and you a couple of animation shortcuts to produce the illusion of movement where there is none.

It's only so evident because of the contrast with the on-screen action and maybe that was the intent (dreams are <weird> sometimes), so this may be unfair criticism and, in any case, the pros far outway the positives. I specially liked the creativity in the scenes being shown, you can translate your imagination well.

- Soundwise, really good stuff here. No sound effects, but none were needed, as the music not only fit the overall movie well, but also punctuated the scenes perfectly as the coordination between the on-screen action and soundtrack was spot-on. Quite possibly the strongest aspect of the movie itself, so kudos for it!

- Storywise, nothing too new or clever, but I like the flow of it and I thought that the overall length was also well picked, it's just long enough to tell a quick story without becoming tiresome. Let me put it like this: you wanted to tell the story of a short nap and it's dream within and, from that perspective, the story accomplishes this in a interesting way. It's a simple objective, but you hit it with stride.

So, overall, despite a few flaws, this is a interesting and well made movie that's very inventive visually and has a great soundtrack and (some) excellent animation; with a few less shortcuts and a bit more polish, it could have been exceptional itstead of just very good.


Spillkaidah responds:

As i've said in a few other responses here, i acknowledge the shortcuts completely and i agree it's not where it could be. I need some more experience with deadlines and time allocation. Also, none of it was rotoscoped, but i appreciate your faith!

Thanks for the extensive review.


Nicely done, and simple.
Very nice!

really good

excellente serpente

That was epic

The music was very catchy, and the animation was very classy. I especially like how the music is syncronized with the events that transpire in the video. This has earned a spot in my favorites. I have got to show my friends.

Spillkaidah responds:

Once again, i'm thrilled to hear people are sharing this! thanks man


That's crazy! WOAH!:D