Reviews for "Nap"

Very well done abstract work.

Well thought through, and executed. I especially love that you made the animation easy to understand the whole time, and many times with minimal information. That can be tricky. Also nice use of the blur effect. Keep it up! We want to see more.

Spillkaidah responds:

if i show you more, you can only look... no touching.

You sir, have talent

This is what animation is supposed to be! Absolutely love your style!

that was awesome

Ba ba ba Black sheep do you have any wool yes sir 10 stars full :D

wwwwwwoooooooooaaaaaaaaoooooowwwwww!!! XD

Hoi!!! Tsubarashi!!!!!

Somewhat understandable

I get that he's in a dream and in order for him to escape from the dream he needs to throw himself back into a reality portal and the fields of sheep that he counts forever, but whats up with the shepherd with the trippy face and him turning the sheep all evil and the isolated black sheep that suddenly flies.

Spillkaidah responds:

Well the main point was that people aren't supposed to be in the nap realm. The bodies are supposed to stay in the giants until they cross into dream. The shepherd is the one to enforce that. He controls the sheep via remote control staff and the black sheep wasn't controlled because he didn't have a receiver on his head.