Reviews for "Nap"


its all to say......

One word.. WOW!

Wow.. Just Wow..
This is what I want to see,, This is Art! This is a real video!
It's so beautiful and artistic!
Really one of my favorites..
I'm really glad I was able to see thisone. Thanks Spill!
I'm gonna show this to my GeneralArt teacher!

Spillkaidah responds:

:D thanks man, yea please show it around, it's my life goal to reach as many people with my art as possible! baby steps for now...

That was Epic!

I thought it was fantastic! The characters, the style... I loved the evil robot sheep! Keep it up! :)


I found the animation style very refreshing, a break from the norm. The story you told was also very origonal and it pulls you into it very fast, also im shure alot of people can relate to this, waking up in a rush heart pounding because of some crazy ass dream haha, also i loved the music it was strange , but in a good way!
over-all fantactic animation 5/5 10/10!!!1

The kind of vision I like to see

this animation was unique and quite different than the others on this site....actually it reminded me of the dream sequence Bobert-Rob did in hi sibblings series(minus that retro odd trans view). The fact you envisioned reality as a chalky state and dream state as more solid was quite phenomenal.

With making the reality of life chalky, it proves that everything we do defines how edgy we are to everyone and gives that false odd look to others. the inbetween part of dream state(as you noted below), kind of proves that with in our creative minds is more of solid vision of what we see, seeing as we are more intune with what we want to see. Also the fact, you demonstrated as nice scare that is common when having a nightmare/nightscare.

Frankly this style is nice and it would be nice to see more of this sketchy to dream state more along with further travel into the dream. 5/5 and 10/10

Spillkaidah responds:

yea, the thing i love about dreams is how everything is related to your own mind... because it's all coming from your own mind. hopes, aspirations, fears, fetishes-- our minds lay them out before us and really help us grow as individuals. This animation was a manifestation of my whimsical what-if thought: is there a consciousness to our dreamplots? who is inside of us? I depicted it here with the character Nap (to all who read this, Nap is the main character's name). Thanks for the review! A book you might like is "The Mind at Night" by Andrea Rock.