Reviews for "The Signalist"

Most awesome song ever dude! :D


starts off chill and mellow, i really like the melody, great job, i also make music n__n; released my latest song "Rainforest" a while ago.

I actually really enjoyed the part at between 1:33-2:35, which includes 1:49 => too (all the modulations are great). The section at 2:35 is good too, but I agree that it clashes a bit with the earlier parts. Were I to only listen casually though, I would not notice a thing.
I agree with Joshua about the lead at 1:02. It didn't bother me much, but it could be a bit more dry I think.
Overall, this is a great song; good job! :D

This one seems to be a little more experimental than your usual stuff, yet still clings on to a lot of your orthodox techniques.

You start off with a filtered intro, which is all well and good, but I think I'm hearing some unintentional clicking from one of the instruments. It may be an effect from one of the instruments having a very short or no release. That's one of the more common causes anyway.

Okay, I got to ask about the bass because it's just amazing to hear on both headsets and monitors. Do you widen the low ends out a bit or something? It almost seems to wrap around the kick perfectly. Maybe I'm just bad at EQ lol. The drums and percussion, but the way, are quite nice. Very groovy while being somewhat minimal and nonintrusive.

Your lead at 1:03 sounds good, but it doesn't feel like it completely gels with the rest of the mix well. I'm thinking the reverb and delay are at fault for making it a little too muddy and kind of flailing around the stereo without a purpose. Sorry I can't offer an exact solution for this one. It just feels like the reverb and delay could use a little tweaking.

The melodies at 1:49 are interesting, if not a little off-putting. Was getting some progressive vibes during this part. Mostly on the fence about this section of the track.

I actually enjoyed the new lead at 2:35, but I think the reason why it doesn't come in as smoothly is because of the weird melody preceding it. It was a good part, just felt a little goofy at first.

Those were just some areas I thought I'd highlight. Been a while since I reviewed something of yours, so I thought I'd give this one a spin and throw in a couple of my pennies. Had some strange elements, but it was still a very cool track. Rock on!