Reviews for "T-FULP: Questing For Club"


First, I thought the game was broken. I couldnt move my character manually and I didn't realize I had a text bar at the top. I typed in "Look at floor" "look at ground" "look at man" "look at bouncer" and I got nothing. The only way I made progress in this game was to look at the comments. I still have no idea how anyone figured out that the pink stuff on the ground was 'gum' nor how anyone knew the character names. I couldn't get any information from this game as it would accept none of my commands. I read through the tutorial carefully thinking I was doing something wrong.

No, this game is simply stiff and unresponsive.

I stopped trying after 5 minutes because I felt as though I couldnt go any further without looking at the comments for a clue. (note, I grew up on text-adventure games. Typing commands isnt exactly new to me.)

I'm sorry but it was very bad

This game is very glitchy in the area of jim and jeff, the game has stopped after i talked to jeff and the game has also stopped after i looked at the gutter. This can be annoying having to watch the ad at the beginning over again if one wants to have another hopeless try at this game. The commands are way off the levels of too specific for a text based game. You should not have to put "to" inbetween the two words that involve what you are doing suck as talk to jeff or talk to stamper should be able to be talk to jeff and talk to stamper but should also be able to be achieved by just typing talk jeff or talk stamper as well as looking at things. Basically the more different commands that make sense to do one thing you can have for an action, and the more I can type like a caveman to achieve these actions the better in a text based game. A look around command would also be extremely helpful as to the piece of gum on the ground seemed nearly impossible to identify based on what it looked like alone. I feel like some more time figuring out exactly how hard and how easy it should and shouldn't be along with time implementing less specific commands to make the game a better experience could make this game much better.


Text controlls are impossible, no names for any of the charaters ..... and just generally not fun .......... and the first medal is to easy x_x

This Game Is Really, Really Douchey

Okay. putting a hardass minigame right in the beginning just to advance further is a real great way to turn people off to your game entirely. The cheap rendition of Street Fighter, which involves typing, is TOO DAMN HARD: in order to beat this game, you need a 40 word-per-minute typing ability and NO ERRORS, because the enemy has attacks three times as strong as yours. I spent a half an hour on this game, and you know what, I gotta call it quits, since it's impossible to progress through this shitty game without getting through that douchey minigame.


The fact that we have to know who the people in the game are by going somewhere besides the game is ridiculous, and the fact that I can skip everything but the fast-typing minigame is retarded. The fun of playing the text-based games of the past is the fact that you can explore what's around you and find things not related to the game's main 'quest.' This game doesn't have anything like that.

And it froze on me. That just pisses me off.