Reviews for "T-FULP: Questing For Club"

Uuuh I cant play

It wont read my enter key for some reason. I typed in stuff and it wouldn't respond.

not worth playing

this seemed like a fun game but i got bored of it quickly so i right clicked and pressed play.


1st Medal - read the instructions all the way through.
2nd Medal - Click on the K-Fed and Newgrounds links at the beginning.

Walkthrough: Walk left, talk to Jim and Jeff. Walk right 2x talk to Stamper. Pick up Stick. Walk left, pick up gum. Type inventory, combine gum and stick. Walk left, look at gutter. Open door. Walk right 2x, talk to Stamper. Walk left 2x. Talk to Jeff. Walk right 2x. Look at box, type in 936185.93. Pick up water, walk left 2x. Talk to Jim, he gives you KICKPUNCHER code. Walk right, talk to Tim. NOTE: you don't have to hit enter after every word you spell. If you do it correctly, it accepts it and moves on (also, 'kickpuncher' is very necessary so watch your health). Talk to bouncer and you win!

Obviously, I didn't include the 'next' and 'close' commands every time they come up, but otherwise that is how you play this unnecessarily complicated game.

3rd Medal - Kill yourself.
4th Medal - Complete the game.
5th Medal - Lose at Avenue Wrestler (not hard to do).


But I need a hint for the secret medal (PM me, plz).

Needs work

Your standard point and click gives you clues for what you need to do. "look" would give you a clue about the scene you're on and what you can interact with. This doesn't, and the interface is confusing. You need to expand what word to type in, or give more direction of what the game is looking for. The instructions were not helpful at all.