Reviews for "T-FULP: Questing For Club"

I didn't get far :(

I couldn't beat that Street Fighter Game you get off Tim :'(

The game could be alot better.


i got to move for 4 seconds but really how to move?


I did it. Thanks to Adam-Beilgard for the hints. Now I got a new shiny medal who worth a big 100 points and another medal lol

This could have been a mediocre time killer. I love point and click games and so a text game is very similar and enjoyable. However, the mini-game is WAAAAY too hard. And "I" am a fast typer! I even got all the words correct, but it keeps saying I die. How the hell do you BEAT it?! I also typed in "kickpuncher", but all that does is kill me on the first screen of the game. So, seriously, WTF?! Can I get some help here?!

Nothing i typed was working till i typed die.....