Reviews for "T-FULP: Questing For Club"


How play this game

Type Fast or Lose

Text based games can be fun. It is nice to explore the world and discover new things. However, this game is not fun. It all comes down how fast you can type.
I have no problem losing in a game, if I can try again. If you lose in this flash, you must refresh the game to try it again.

Why was the gum on the floor? Did it have any use at all? All in all, this is not a fun game. Better luck next time.

Please improve this way.

For one thing, the only two things I can do so far are pick up gum and commit suicide. I have no idea what to call the people so how can I refer to them. It's annoying, and as said before you should label these.

What's the point?

I grew up on text-based games, and normally the tasks and NPCs have a purpose; in this game, LilJim, Jeff, the store, and the gum served no purpose whatsoever. Considering they make up more than 50% of the NPCs and occupy two out of the three "rooms" in the game, their inclusion makes no sense. All the player has to do to beat this game is talk to Tim, beat his unfairly difficult typing game, and talk to the bouncer; the other characters and "rooms" don't ever need to be seen or talked to. Basically, if you look at it, this game could have easily been simply the fighting/typing game, since that's basically what it is now.

Beyond that, why does the text box not clear when the Enter key is pressed? Even if something that the game doesn't understand is entered, the text should clear itself. When I first started this game and was trying to figure out what to do and who people were, it was frustrating typing "talk man," deleting the text, "talk to man," deleting the text, "take gum," deleting the text, "pick up gum," deleting the text, etc.

I'm sorry, but I can't give this game higher than a 2/10.

Can't beat the minigame

The Avenue Fighter thing really kills the game.