Reviews for "T-FULP: Questing For Club"


1st Medal - read the instructions all the way through.
2nd Medal - Click on the K-Fed and Newgrounds links at the beginning.

Walkthrough: Walk left, talk to Jim and Jeff. Walk right 2x talk to Stamper. Pick up Stick. Walk left, pick up gum. Type inventory, combine gum and stick. Walk left, look at gutter. Open door. Walk right 2x, talk to Stamper. Walk left 2x. Talk to Jeff. Walk right 2x. Look at box, type in 936185.93. Pick up water, walk left 2x. Talk to Jim, he gives you KICKPUNCHER code. Walk right, talk to Tim. NOTE: you don't have to hit enter after every word you spell. If you do it correctly, it accepts it and moves on (also, 'kickpuncher' is very necessary so watch your health). Talk to bouncer and you win!

Obviously, I didn't include the 'next' and 'close' commands every time they come up, but otherwise that is how you play this unnecessarily complicated game.

3rd Medal - Kill yourself.
4th Medal - Complete the game.
5th Medal - Lose at Avenue Wrestler (not hard to do).


i got to move for 4 seconds but really how to move?


The fact that we have to know who the people in the game are by going somewhere besides the game is ridiculous, and the fact that I can skip everything but the fast-typing minigame is retarded. The fun of playing the text-based games of the past is the fact that you can explore what's around you and find things not related to the game's main 'quest.' This game doesn't have anything like that.

And it froze on me. That just pisses me off.


Text controlls are impossible, no names for any of the charaters ..... and just generally not fun .......... and the first medal is to easy x_x

Unnecessarily complicated

Like so many have already said before about this game, it's too complicated. The Avenue Wrestler mini-game, while a worthwhile nod to the Street Fighter series, is what let this game down entirely by being too dependant on fast typers, and even then not all of the words are registered despite being typed correctly.
And having to type "Walk left/right" every time you need to move is also a major let down. What was wrong with using the arrow keys to move? Having said this, I did actually encounter a bug: walking left (where Jim and Jeff are) and typing "Look at gutter" has Tom move to the gutter but no further actions can be entered. At. All.
I would like to say that the animation would be the "saving grace" of this game (if you could call it that), but it appears that only the characters appear to be well drawn (when they're not walking). For these reasons, I rate this 2/10.