Reviews for "T-FULP: Questing For Club"

Once you start the game what do you do? Like seriously I tried doing arrow keys aswd Didn't work There was this box ontop I tried to Type in words but nothing worked

lol i found an awesome glitch right click and then press the play thing easy way to get achievments...

Great, bit hard to find out everything
Secret is to fail the videogame, and type DIE for a medal too XD

Nothing i typed was working till i typed die.....

This could have been a mediocre time killer. I love point and click games and so a text game is very similar and enjoyable. However, the mini-game is WAAAAY too hard. And "I" am a fast typer! I even got all the words correct, but it keeps saying I die. How the hell do you BEAT it?! I also typed in "kickpuncher", but all that does is kill me on the first screen of the game. So, seriously, WTF?! Can I get some help here?!