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Reviews for "Abditive Asylum"

I can't believe I missed this one. I honestly thought I'd played them all so it was a really pleasant surprise to find this while I was replaying some of the other games. Was frustrated that I couldn't find the last two orbs but other than that, this was great.

I love all your games so far, even the ones I cant pass lol. I went all the way through and had all the gems, I accidentally hit the back button. So I didnt actually get to finish and Im too lazy to do it over again. I enjoy your puzzles, they help me get through the day.

great one

Nicely done. Maybe a few changes

Such as the orbs.. Are extremely hard to see sometimes. Perhaps make those a bit brighter. Often the orbs were so dull i thought they were sunspots from the real life sun not a orb.

Other than that nice little escape game =D. Where / what is this place from exactly? Looks creepy.

hmm doesn't seem to be working on chrome. I have 'undefined' amount of orbs, inventory is full of 'undefined' so I can't pick anything up...