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Reviews for "Abditive Asylum"

Some scenes are rather dark for exploration. Tools and most gems are visible against their background except the white gem placed close to a book. I went there twice before I found it.

There're two easy puzzles with clear clues to solve.

Music is okay.

crowbar! the most missuse tool

oh look a locked door, crowbar! wish the player can 'really' use the crowbar.
im stuck with 3 gem and no key XD if it were me id slam the door :P , nice game btw

Nicely done. Maybe a few changes

Such as the orbs.. Are extremely hard to see sometimes. Perhaps make those a bit brighter. Often the orbs were so dull i thought they were sunspots from the real life sun not a orb.

Other than that nice little escape game =D. Where / what is this place from exactly? Looks creepy.