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Reviews for "Revert to Growth 2"

great game!

it was a little boring, but awesome graphics! and intresting gameplay

AethosGames responds:

boring, interesting gameplay is what I strive for! :P


I dont know how to turn off my ad blocker..
At the same time, DAAAM!
It blocks ALL ads!

AethosGames responds:

I'm not sure what to make of your review.

Entertaining game with nice Music!

It was a fun Mini-Game

+Different Environments
+Different Technic/own style
+donĀ“t need to start from the beginning (you can chose wich Level to do again, if you got it)
+Menu is well done
+Music and SFX bar
+You can do your owen Level or play that from others

-short (lol)
-Now and then it is too fast in some levels, so that some might not come after it, before you get burned. (Volcano)
-Ending kinda dissapointing.

I like the idea

Sadly, I couldn't fully experience all the fun because I'm on a laptop(no mouse) and died alot, but I can see what you did here.


it kept my attention

i enjoyed it !