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Reviews for "Revert to Growth 2"

Reveiw #9

This game is amazing! Granted it's difficult at some parts, but it doesn't make it less fun! I first learned about this from Jordan, so props to him for the great art! Love this game, and the developers.

AethosGames responds:

I hear the developers are all very handsome gentlemen.


Great game and great music.

But how you get "Efficient Progamming " and "Pyrobotics"?

AethosGames responds:

Efficient programming is achieved when you get par times and par plants for every level in every environment. Pyrobotics is from having a lot of burned plants in the volcano levels.

great game!

it was a little boring, but awesome graphics! and intresting gameplay

AethosGames responds:

boring, interesting gameplay is what I strive for! :P


Pretty cool sis!

AethosGames responds:

All of the developers in this game are manly men. As you can tell by all the plants and nature and butterflies and birds. And Lava.

Entertaining game with nice Music!

It was a fun Mini-Game

+Different Environments
+Different Technic/own style
+donĀ“t need to start from the beginning (you can chose wich Level to do again, if you got it)
+Menu is well done
+Music and SFX bar
+You can do your owen Level or play that from others

-short (lol)
-Now and then it is too fast in some levels, so that some might not come after it, before you get burned. (Volcano)
-Ending kinda dissapointing.