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Reviews for "Revert to Growth 2"

I like the idea

Sadly, I couldn't fully experience all the fun because I'm on a laptop(no mouse) and died alot, but I can see what you did here.


Entertaining game with nice Music!

It was a fun Mini-Game

+Different Environments
+Different Technic/own style
+donĀ“t need to start from the beginning (you can chose wich Level to do again, if you got it)
+Menu is well done
+Music and SFX bar
+You can do your owen Level or play that from others

-short (lol)
-Now and then it is too fast in some levels, so that some might not come after it, before you get burned. (Volcano)
-Ending kinda dissapointing.


Great game and great music.

But how you get "Efficient Progamming " and "Pyrobotics"?

AethosGames responds:

Efficient programming is achieved when you get par times and par plants for every level in every environment. Pyrobotics is from having a lot of burned plants in the volcano levels.

Short Review

I haven't finished the game, but I must say, the music is AMAZING!
So far I've had fun on the forest level, but I can't click and move at the same time on the volcano level, I'm on a laptop. I'll give it a 6, because I won't rate 8 or more without beating the game.

Very smooth - 6 stars

This is a nice game. It's very smooth and playable. I've never been a big fan of puzzle games period because my philosophy is I can either play a game or do a puzzle, the activities really shouldn't be mixed to make a complete game. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy puzzles in a game, like the cloister of trials in FFX but that's a whole game though not just a puzzle game. Those are just puzzles in the game not a "puzzle game." Maybe a little more story about why I'm collecting the light matter? Either way I think it's a good game. Maybe a little something in between levels would be sweet like a bonus room or something. Nothing in this game warrants a lower score except for my own opinion so keep it up man. Great game!