Reviews for "Sonic Vs Luffy Part 1"


not bad altho im not sure why but the video froze on me 6 times b4 it played all the way thru

Pretty cool.

I think I really like this!

Kimathi responds:

Thanks ;)

nicely done!!

couldve been longer but overall it was awesome!!
But luffy is WAY stronger then that

nicley done

only a few simple problems like no play button


@BulmaB You can simply right click and press back, or forward, and if you want to go back to the beginning just click rewind smart guy >_>

It doesn't need a damn explanation of why sonic and luffy are fighting.

Who gives two sh!ts if the background is from a naruto game, it doesn't have to be super exact.

Good animation, I hope to see more from you, just work on your physics a bit more bro.