Reviews for "Sonic Vs Luffy Part 1"


the only reason not to get a 10/10, Is because there is no stop button

Needs a lot of improvement

Theres no preloader bar.

Its stuck on an infinite loop

You give no explanation as to why luffy is fighiting sonic

The background is from a Naruto game...

The battle was decent though.

You need to work on this, for a part 1 this was not all that great

Before moving to a part 2 you should fix this one up.

Kimathi responds:

Thank for Your advice :)
it's Now updated

Pretty cool.

I think I really like this!

Kimathi responds:

Thanks ;)

i was really enjoying it....

but after sonic goes inside the building, the video just stays black. if that was on purpose, then MAKE IT OBVIOUS THAT ITS ON PURPOSE! add a "to be continued.." or something that lets us know that this is suppose to happen.


not bad altho im not sure why but the video froze on me 6 times b4 it played all the way thru