Reviews for "Stickman 2 by Celvan"


Not sure what to say but the beginning was choppy and poorly made but the latter scene was fluid and had interesting actions with weapons and the head. so 5/10

Celvan responds:



It really needs work. Your animation was smooth, but in order to be good, you need to use easing. The third animation was really good though.

Celvan responds:

Thanks a lot! :)

still needs some work

part of it looks like it was made in pivot and that's no good but i guess it was sort of decent but the 3rd animation was good

Your animation..

You need to up your frames per second and concentrate on making everything mesh nicely.


Was this actually made in flash?

The animation is really choppy, there's no anti aliasing at all, and it's boring. Not much to it at all, actually.

Celvan responds:

this was made in pivot