Reviews for "Story Time :D"

good job dude

i liked the fact we could turn the pages manualy

Kudos to you

The animation was brilliant. Everything ran smoothly, and the art style was charming. The music fit perfectly with the story, which was well told. I believe this was based off the original story of the "Three Little Pigs", right? I mean, that's where you would get the whole "wolf drowning in a pot of water" thing.

JamalMason responds:

Yep kinda, it was based off a mixture of the old story and the more modern story's.
TY for the review.


Its very creative and good animated ;)


he probably ate the wolf, so technically speaking he ate his little brothers that were inside the wolf
but overall well done


cute drawings with simple yet smooth animation. story was little different from what i remember but good job still C: