Reviews for "Story Time :D"

Nice one!

But I think that at the wood house the two pigs ran for the third brick house instead of being eaten. Is it you,or I read a different version?


the animation, tough my laptop was lagging a bit, it was simple, and fluid, the story was a little different than I remember it to be but I think I like this version a little bit more, finally the music from the piano was a nice touch, it really was like seeing an old cartoon.


Now that was an interesting adaption of that story.

Very nice!

The graphics are great, how you tell it is great, and I love how you have to click an arrow to progress so you can pause it! I hope you get an A!

..and they all died happily ever after.

Not really an ending which children would love.

About animation, it was really smooth and looked good! 10/10 for that. But the story of it was so short. If you would make a handful of these stories, it could easily get 4.33/5 score. Like there was the book intro, make a story selection option, each story could be familiar or a new children's story with each story having own delightful background music. I really would like to see that happen! And I would love to watch it over and over again!