Reviews for "Story Time :D"


very good page turning flash. usually it's just static images but this one moves. The animation was also smooth, not to mention cute and like you said child friendly.
The story is from the original one? I usually read the all the pigs surviving, first time i read them getting eaten. Well at least one survives. I love the animation when the wolf drowns in the boiling pot.
Overall good animation, would love to see other stories like this.

That was really something :D

You captured the original essence of what fables really are: grotesque stories with so many dead people that horror movies are nothing compared XD.
when I was a kid I read Oz the wyzard and it was full of violence (the scarecrow breaks about 20/30 crow necks, the steelman reap off a bunch of bears with his axe etc. etc.) so i'm impressed that you have made up a show so sincere.

The animations are very well made, the characters are incredibly vivid, and the narration isn't invasive at all.

Nice work man, can't wait till next story time ;D


Too bad it had to be of a kids story, I think it would have been cooler if it was a story you made yourself(But still with that childish feel). :) Still, it was great! But knowing newgrounds I was expecting something unusual to happen in the end, I mean, the ending was good either way, but it wasn't funny, it was just... there. Next time, do soemthing unpredictable! And since this was a project for a class, I am going to not take any points from the score away because I know how that is, being limited with your imagination and all.

Great job! keep it up, and grats on getting 2 trophies! I hope to see more by you.




I really didn't expect a kid's story in newgrounds...keep up the good work! And congrats on the trophys...


I don't remember this version of the story!XD
Where one pig live and the other two been ate!XD