Reviews for "Story Time :D"


if this was your first movie then i'm surprised because most firsts are stick pivots

Cute, but...

The moral of the story isn't present; the first two pigs were lazy and built half-assed houses quick, but the third pig put effort into it and it paid off in the end.

Though I've never heard a version with the chimney before :D

auto page-turn function

turning all theses pages is annoying, i am trying to eat here.

JamalMason responds:

Yeah that's prty much impossible, since there's no way to automatically tell when a persons finished reading.

it k

good but the wolf drowned really

JamalMason responds:

yes thanks for just copying the guy below you. very useful -_-

understand it's an assignment

but it's still a story for little kids and (although I'm sure there are many exceptions) we are all adults on this website.
and it was just the same story with no tweaks.
animation was average to below par, but definitely shows potential for improvement.
make some oc, sir. will be awaiting your next one for sure.