Reviews for "Story Time :D"

Not bad

I could imagine this being better if it was less child friendly. It's not a bad animation
and doesn't seem to have any flaws as far as i was able to make out. Blood would've made it alot more entertaining but i guess kids are not allowed to know about the blood they possess for some time(-_-). I await to see some child-unfriendly stuff soon from you.

good work

i really enjoyed it. it was cute, the art style was nice and i was quite entertained by it. also great work if you just started using flash. keep up the good work :))


The only problem I had is that I personally have read this story 100 times in my life. I understand that it's targeted for children but and alternate story line would've been interesting.


Well I bet you got an A+ because that was above and beyond the call academically. On newgrounds you get an 8 though, sorry bud.

Ah, the good old fairy tale

The interactive story was the best part of flash. It was definitely really fun how you allowed us to click from page to page and made it into a story book kind of format, while keeping it "children-safe". +3 points

The illustrations were simple, but effective and the animation flowed like water and there was no problem with the frames or anything. +2 points

Another thing I enjoyed about it was how you kept true to the style of the story being children friendly while adding some twists. +1 point

However, you could have pushed the story a bit further. You added some humor, but I think you could have had some more fun with it. For example, "... until their mother got sick of them and kicked them out" - that did not belong in the story, but it was funny and it was children friendly. What I was thinking of was poking a bit more fun at the story, maybe even add some twist to it, like the ending. You already made the wolf smart and go down the chimney, but the brick house pig was a step ahead of it and put a boiling pot of water. Maybe you could have ended with, "And so the in the end, the pig made the wolf into delicious stew and ate him for dinner." (Twist being the pig ate the wolf for dinner, instead of the other way around. I'm sure that would have drawn a lot of laughter)