Reviews for "Story Time :D"

Cute! It was good but...

As far as I know, the American version of this at least (I'm not sure where you're from) you missed the part where the first 2 pigs just wanted to build there houses quick and the last pig took the time to make his out of brick, hence making the moral something along the lines of "if you take the time to put effort into something, the rewards are well worth it!". You basically just mentioned what they built their houses out of, but not why.

That aside though (and even with it missing) this is still very enjoyable and fun! I love the clean lines and smooth animations, the Sepia Tone and music giving it an old timey film style, yet adding a slightly new age twist with the movements and details. I like the idea of a virtual pop up book, but instead of the pictures popping up, they are moving instead. I hope you'll make more of these as they are adorable, and hell, a fun way to show your kids an old classic. Very well done sir!

JamalMason responds:

Yeah the morals of the story aren't very clear in this because we were meant to just animate the basic story and so I guess I didn't Put much effort into the actual telling of the story. any way thanks 4 a good review.

Really Awesome!

I love the way you did the animation but the only problem is you told the other version of the story which was when the wolf ate the two pigs... It's not that child friendly because if that, and I know some six year olds on Newgrounds (well not me, I'm ten).

Pretty nifty

I liked it a lot. It was cute, fun, and slightly inteactive. You did a good job. By the way, what was your grade?

JamalMason responds:

I dunno yet, still haven't got the results back.

But the wolf was smart

and he climbed down the chimney,
but he fell into a pot of boiling water... THE END! :D:D:D:D

sometimes I forget how cruel old fairytales can be...

just like the witch who was thrown in the oven.

if there is one thing which fairytales promoted, then it was violence. LOL
and then people say that television's bad...


I really liked the interactive aspect. Keep up the good work!