Reviews for "Story Time :D"

It was great :)

I thoroughly enjoyed that. Your animation is very smooth and I hope to see more from you.

man kids stories are scary.

I mean, they got eaten alive! at least the F'king alien crushes your scull first with his mouth thing before eating your ass.

now I'm going to have nightmares!!!

on a more mature note, this was maybe the best book style flash i've seen on NG. most are just static shots, i liked it.

for next time:
a little more pizass, black and sepia look timeless... which is a funny way of saying really old.

I liked it.

It was actually enjoyable but i wonder if the last pig ate the wolf for revenge and in turn ate his barley digested brothers. But one mystery no one knows truly why the wolf wanted to get and maybe he was a door salesman trying to support a growing family. Or maybe he was a pork adict trying to make ammends to igs an d had a relapse the world will never know unless you make another one. besides all that your assignment gets an -A!!!!!!!!!!! ( I wonder who would read all this go outsde away from the computer!)

Nicely Done

The quality really really good, basic story (but you've stated it was an assignment, so I'm assuming you were limited to not editing the original story). The only reason I knocked a point off was because of the background music... its more of an irritant because it's been used to death.

Also it was nice so I didn't see a point in taking of a point, but the story book at the beginning makes you expect a different type of animation throughout... more Disney type animation.

Great way to read the story!

I think everyone can have a little laugh at that. Especially the first two pigs being eaten. Animation was clean and well done. Only problem is at the end. The music abruptly stopped when the book closed.