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Reviews for "Bad Icecream"

4 for the effort.

most of your games have been somewhat half assed since, like, twin shot. I miss the old games like Frost Bite, Dirk Valentine, Toxic, Icebreaker, Twang, the classics. though i must say that some of the newer games arent bad either, like worm food, cold storage, and rustyard. i especially like the arrow-keys-and-mouse games, like final ninja.
oh yeah, PLEASE make a new small fry or mutiny.

i beat this game

it was on nitrome

Not bad

There is an interesting idea here, different enemies and different strategy for every level, buy music is monstrous, it makes gameplay much worse

not as good as your other games

but its still a good game, I like the gameplay and everything, but it gets a bit boring after a while


Love the ole time bomber man feel. Music and animation is great as well. It's like iced cream man meet nightmare. Only issue is that it gets a tad tedious after 30 levels or so. I advise that one plays for a bit...walks away...and finishes later.