Reviews for "Mario's Story"

Haha nice

i kinda guessed he was going to be in a straight jacket after a little while when you didn't show his body. very good job tho, i loved the whole concept of Mario being on drugs and imagining the entire game we all played as kids. good work


I liked this oddly dark twist on the Mario video game series! It remind me of the day when I was young playing it on Super Nintendo in my basement. The voice acting was great and I liked the plot, and while animation wasn't the most spectacular thing in the world I'm only docking a point or two for it! Thanks so much I look forward to your future works!


sounds like a typical day in Nintendo land. little boys steal pendants from monsters, mushroom chewing plumbers, apes who like little monkeys.

good video.

some parts felt a little slow, could have been cut to run in less time.


The story was a huge twist on the normal Mario life. I like it. Its like "The real life" of mario.