Reviews for "Feed Us"


On numerous occasions, people floated out of the water and into the sky, out of my reach.


why do all fun looking games m


The whole game sucks. You only get a few god damn levels and the controls fucking suck. Buggy too. Sometimes the people I knock down FUCKING FLOAT!!! AND HOW THE FUCK DO THEY SURVIVE THOUSANDS OF BITES TO THE GOD DAMN FUCKING


Is there a reason why this lags so much?? I mean I know that if you have more than your main piranha on screen it will slow it down a little but to have it lag so bad that you try to do something simple like jump out of the water to knock victims into the water and 5 seconds later your fish does this Superman-like long jump missing ever single person, then another 5 seconds later you're ramming into a motorboat rotor again and again, then 5 seconds later you're nose to nose with a shark and you're dead.

I know I don't have a top of the line machine but I NEVER have this kind of lag on any other game on NG or any other site. Was the game INTENTIONALLY made to be laggy and screw with you? It seems that way to me. I found out about this game due to a Let's Play with Markiplier and he did say it was a little laggy but this is beyond "a little laggy." I was kind of excited to see what the sequels were like after I finished this one, but if all of them have this lag problem I think I'll just pass.