Reviews for "Feed Us"

to many bugs on a good game and concept

great game but i've been hitting to many problems
*your fish can get completely lost when the jump since they fly off screen.
*they seem to center on the main fish and that cuase the game to some times make all the fish get stuck or moving around the whole lvl and not giving u a change to play.
*prey getting stuck in the air or off screen some times from a stray fish darting from 1 side to another knocking him of the screen.
*fish suicide ( saw this twice where fish keeps tring to get to a place and hit something till it dies some times very fast some times slow and u can lose all ur fish in a sec).
*alot of times ut fish will be out of ur control since its tring to much to correct it self (lead to one time where a shark killed all my fish when i didnt even c it
the main problem seems to come from the controls on the fish. hope you can fix that since many times i cant kill people even with all my fish flying around since they dont hit them some times

What did I just play?

I really, really, rarely give bad reviews, but this is sort of kind of not good.
The graphics are okay, I guess. Nothing interesting, though.
The music is repetitive and what I really dislike is the fact that even though I turned it down all the way I can still very clearly hear it. Not good.
The gameplay... oh, the gameplay. It gets repeptitive and there's only six levels.
The controls are quite possibly the worst. You jump up in the air, you hang in the air for several seconds and drop like a bomb into the water and then you have to wait for a few seconds for the damn fish to move to your cursor.
The minions just do whatever they want, and are usually flying across the screen and not near the main fish. Sometimes they just disappear. The controls are not accurate in anyway shape or form, it takes quite a while for your fish to move remotely near your cursor.
The people continue swimming somewhere despite the fact the fish ate their face off. How does that even work? The shark could at least do something besides eat the minions. Like eat the people.
This needs a lot of work, honestly.

this game kinda sucked

It is a cool idea and an exciting concept but too much bugs and it doesnt save progress

Repetitive, very glitchy



On numerous occasions, people floated out of the water and into the sky, out of my reach.