Reviews for "Feed Us"

It's all right...

The controls need some serious tuning though.

GOOD game

its a good game, and its fun.... but (for me) its not that much addicting.... but it is still a game worth playing ^^

Fun, but glitchy

I'm writing this with the game still open because after I beat the third stage and went to upgrade my piranha swarm, the menu tabs simply vanished and the flash is unresponsive. However, I did get quite a few upgrades in beforehand by repeating levels, so I can see some thought went into this. The upgrades work well and are (so far) worth the blood spilled.
However, the other piranha (should be labelled spawn, not seeds) are very glitchy in their "rubber band"ing. They do follow the lead piranha reasonably well, but they also seem to just go flying off as though the rubber band snapped. I've seen my 7 little accomplices rocket across the screen into seaweed and become trapped; I've seen them breach the surface with me after an accidental jump only to see them literally fly away off screen and reappear later; I've also had the unfortunate experience of knocking a person out of a boat, only to have the swarm rocket back to me and slam into the victim hard enough to send him/her flying off the screen entirely (from the middle of the screen, no less).
On a side note, who gave the piranha an eyebrow ring? I'm willing to be that it , was the man whose hand is floating in the menu, though I can't imagine why he would lose an arm to make an ugly fish uglier.

It's okay but, little more place maybeee?

......So i can't play silently and the lowest sound setting is kinda...still loud enough to bug anything else...