Reviews for "Feed Us"


A good game all in all but some if any form of plot would be nice.

not bad

some bugs but not too many, really needs a story though, length was a little short but perfect for this game, would have been nice to have been able to eat the sharks too, the prob with too many sharks and not enough people could easily be remedied by putting a set number of people and sharks and then set it too send them out at rendom, would also have been nice for the timer not too start until youve eaten all humans on screen but that could cause some bugs,overall 8/10 4/5.

P.S. highest personall bite combo of 535.

cheers, FN.

Good game

Good game,fun,easy controls,sometimes the game lag,and sometimes people bump off the screen. And the game is too short. But it's always good. 4/5, 8/10

Good game, but...

One little complaint. Mouse controls seem like a good idea, until you try them with targets near the edge of the play area. Then it sucks, big time. All the time in this game I have a person near the edge, and I can't reach them because my mouse goes outside the play area.
Other than that, great game. Keep up the good work.


The game was fun but the glitches were annoying, especially when the victims drifted off the screen..