Reviews for "Feed Us"

Nice game

I like it but it would be nice after you finish the game a bonus level opens with no sharks and lots of people


I, for myself, would not go riding in a paddleboat where piranhas and sharks are supposed to be, but who am I to judge?

Anyways, nice game, well though upgrades and good game mechanics. Only thing I really did not like was that the game is laggy as hell, and my PC isn't that weak. Other than that really good game, nothing to complain here.

Glitch? :(

I really enjoy this game, but munchies (my piranha) seemed to have swim off!! His little minions follow my mouse as munchies used too... But munchies is nowhere to be seen. :( I've tried refreshing, clearing cache, ect, but my munchies is still missing. I'm definitely going to keep coming back to this game in hope to find munchies though. :D


Quite a nice game! Manage to get max level up for everything before it got bored.