Reviews for "Feed Us"

Pretty cool being a piranha for once, and the customizing looks awesome

The one thing i didn't like about this game was that it would not let my weight go any higher then 35 but other then that it was pretty good.

Love games where you can customize and upgrade, so I really enjoyed this game... It's strangely satisfying being a flesh-eating Piranha too. The only issue I had found is that by using the mouse, the Piranha's don't exactly have the quickest response time but then again it would be silly for them to move at lightning speed in time with the mouse cursor. Hey ho. Loved it.

cool game, love being a pirahna!

Great game, but it becomes irritating when you fly out of the water and it takes some time to get back in (floating issue). Could be a bit more interesting if we could customize our piranha with various colors and designs. As my piranha gets stronger and has more "seeds" with him, it should be able to take down sharks, or at least hurt it.